Tree Surgery

Barlows Fencing Tree Services

Our tree services are carried out by fully trained professionals. Removing fairly large branches from trees can be a dangerous job, especially when your up on ladders or steps. If you have any doubts about doing the job, you must leave it to expert tree surgeons. We offer fully professional tree services who carry out thorough tree trimming, woodland tree surgery and tree felling services throughout High Wycombe and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to undertake a friendly and reliable service while offering quality of work in every aspect of arboriculture, whether you’re a small private client or a large commercial or local authority contract. We always offer honest advice on the many projects that we undertake so give us a call for a no-obligation quote. We are fully insured with a safe and professional approach to all aspects of tree trimming, tree felling services and hedge cutting. We guarantee you a team of experienced and qualified tree surgeons with an expert level of arboricultural knowledge.

tree trimmingTree Felling Services & Tree Trimming

Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting In tree crown reduction, the ends of all branches are reduced in size whilst keeping the natural shape of the tree intact. Crown thinning on the other hand involves cutting the branches within the tree reducing wind resistance and increasing the amount of light allowed through. In crown lifting, simply the lower branches are removed to effectively make the crown appear higher than before – showing more of the trunk.

Tree Felling services

We can carefully and safely cause a tree to fall under the control of experts. It involves making progressively deeper cuts into the base of the tree’s trunk until it collapses. We also carry out sectional tree felling services where we carefully remove different parts of the tree using skilled branch removal techniques.

hedge cuttingHedge Cutting

If you need your hedge cutting we regularly Service both residential and commercial clients, we can professionally cut and shape hedges, conifers and other fir trees by topping and trimming them to your own specific dimensions.

Dead Wooding & Stump Removal

Dead wooding is the removal or trimming of dead or dying tree branches due to them becoming increasingly unsafe or unsightly. Tree stumps can be very difficult to remove without the help of professionals. We can remove them either by grubbing it out by hand, grinding it with our specialist machinery or by poisoning it, whereby it will slowly decay over time.